Venture Builder


Participate in a variety of corporate startup teams developing products with our clients. Your goal will be to prove and identify key customer problems and validate proposed solutions to these problems. 

Job description:

As a Venture Builder you are passionate about developing products that make a difference. You will develop new ventures with our clients in a data-driven way. 

You are product-focused with an analytical mindset with an urge to look for evidence and proof. Furthermore, you are a creative thinker and problem-solver who can develop validation experiments.

Your tasks:

  • think of new concepts 
  • prioritized user challenges 
  • learn new field of expertise by doing desk research
  • perform customer-discovery with qualitative and quantitative research
  • sketch customer/user journeys in visual scenarios
  • define main assumptions and validation metrics around a proposition 
  • interview users, experts and various relevant stakeholders
  • run validation experiments and tests
  • combine quantitative and qualitative insights to determine next steps
  • guide your team members to work according to the lean start-up principles 

Your skills:

  • You enjoy solving problems and execute quickly
  • You learn fast and communicate well
  • You know how to identify assumptions and design experiments to (in)validate them
  • You can combine the corporate with the start-up approach
  • You can use various validation tools:
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods - user interviews, etc. surveys, prototyping user flows, experiment design, conversion optimization, A/B testing, rapid MVP building, usability testing etc.
  • Acquisition channels - such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GoogleAds, SEO, referrals, etc. – from setting up to analyzing data;
  • Data analytics - measurement plans, event tracking, GA, etc.

Your previous experience:

  • Proven track-record working with innovation metrics and validation methodologies in early staged propositions, online and offline
  • Ability to lead teams towards success
  • Knowledge of corporate startup processes and methodologies such as the Lean Startup and Design Thinking.


You will work with:

You will work together with the team of expˣ and with our various clients. expˣ works with diverse corporate clients, from Rabobank to SGS on various new ventures.

expˣ is a boutique innovation firm shaped by a collective of founders, product experts & trainers. We partner with both corporates & startups that want to grow their ventures and innovation teams exponentially.